Fairy Tale Living

Let’s talk from a place of experience.

Let’s talk about a responsibility for each of us to figure out what our best efforts look like and what our best efforts require; about how it’s right and just to ask questions and seek answers; about how we can lead with our hearts without living in fear.

This will not be quick. This will not be easy.

It is not necessary to attack every challenge set before us. Fear is meant to guide us toward change, not to force our hand. The world is a balancing act, not a battleground.

The stories we tell ourselves today are the stories we will tell ourselves tomorrow.

The belief that everything will work itself out is not enough. We must believe that we will work it out. When we choose to look at one another with kindness and compassion instead of fear and suspicion, we choose to stop being sold on the idea of a dystopic present.

Limitation is an invitation to be limitless, to build a better world through better storytelling. So we all live happily ever out there.