Be The Hero of Your Story

You can tell all the tales you want, but the tale you need to tell is the one you’re living to tell.

Quick guess: something has gone wrong. You’re not making the progress you want. You thought you had a solid plan, but can’t be sure it’s actually even headed in the direction you want to go. And there’s a “special” feeling in your gut like you’re suddenly holding still after having spun around in circles a few too many times.

Isn’t it great when things just feel weirdly out of control like that? Not so much.

It’s especially not great when you have all this pent up energy that you don’t want to go to waste and no clue as to how to put it to good use. You’re the type of person who works hard, lives intelligently, and puts in the effort to be kind to people. How do you get back on track?

Allow me to introduce the “Choose Your Adventure” coaching session,  in one hour we’ll:

  1. Figure out exactly what living happily ever out there looks like for you;
  2. Discover the specific brand of villainy your subconscious is getting up to when sabotaging your efforts; and,
  3. Decide on initial action steps you can take right now to get you back to being the hero of your story.

If you’d like a little back-up taking back control of your story by way of this FREE 60-minute “Choose Your Adventure” coaching session, then pick a day and answer these questions in the boxes provided:

  • What do you most want to change in your life Today?
  • How important is it for you to make the change you seek? How might this change impact other areas of your life where you may or may not also want to see a change?
  • What was your favorite fairy tale when you were a kid? What version? (Disney, Cannon Movietale, Grimm, a special book or relative, Faerie Tale Theatre, etc.)
  • If it’s still your favorite, why has it stayed with you? If it isn’t anymore, why not?

You’ll hear back from the booking site almost immediately. You’ll hear from me if I need any additional information. For instance, if you schedule your session using a non-gmail account, I’ll get in touch with you about possible alternatives to having our session via Google Hangout.

Since I’m making this offer for free and for the first time and only until December 31st 2017 (at the moment), I don’t know how intense the response will be and can’t guarantee a coaching session for everyone.

I can only take on as many people as the calendar allows. So check back on the regular for more openings.

Click here to pick your day and Choose Your Adventure!