Some Heroes Leave Out The Best Part of Their Story

Every day thousands upon thousands of blogposts are written and read, many with the intention of inspiring people to be just a little less afraid, a little more creative, and a lot more … something. Figuring out what that something is can be infuriating as we follow the journeys of these “internet personalities” who share… Continue reading Some Heroes Leave Out The Best Part of Their Story

7 Reasons You Aren’t Living Your Fairy Tale & What To Do About It

So, you want the fairy tale without the lame-isms (outdated social values, usually ending with -ism). Fairy tale living, though, requires action and you have to decide what that action will be. Fun fact about decision-making: The Shivers may not affect every decision you make, but big Fat IMPORTANT decisions are their favorite opportunities.

Forget ‘Happily Ever After’ & Get Happily Ever Out There

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ rags-to-riches story? Who doesn’t want all the annoyance, all the malarkey of everyday living to be waved away by a magical wand and replaced with the worry-free promise of living “happily ever after”? Who cares that concentrating on the end of the story is quite the disservice to the hero/heroine?