Hey, I get it. The world is zooming along and sometimes you feel like you’ve been left behind. You feel completely unprepared, maybe even doomed to fail.

You’re surrounded by well-meaning friends and family who feed into your habit of gorging yourself on self-help listicles. You’ve signed up for who knows how many freebies in search of the right inspirational “deliverance.” You know in your bones something is not right and all the entrepreneurial blogs out there feel like they’re on the right track, but the whole hustle-hustle-hustle thing is entirely too exhausting to keep up every single day of your life.

You want a simpler way. You want something as straightforward as the hero’s journey in a fairy tale. You want to live your life at your pace.

Me, too. From elementary school all the way to my college commencement, I ricochetted between Ds and Dean’s Lists. And at no point in that journey with all its trials did I or anyone else for that matter have any idea that my brain is wired to give in to OCD any time, any place.

I’m also obsessed with fairy tales, and that’s a big part of what got me here today to building The Golden Goose Eggs in order to share how to navigate the modern world like it’s a fairy tale kingdom. Hovel or tower, peasant or princess, however foolish you may feel at times, you are the hero of your story and you decide how your fairy tale plays out. This place, this course, is my donation to you.

Simply because it’s the easiest way all-around to stay on top of things, your signing up for this course also signs you up to get every new egg drop sent straight to your inbox. I never post more than twice a week, and I call it a win that I’ve yet to post less than once a year. At any rate, you’ll be the first to hear of any new writings including books and courses on the topic of questing.

The point of all this being to focus your energies in those exact areas and tasks that will best serve the tale you want your life to tell.