Poisoned Apples: Issues With Meaning

Sometimes it’s hard to believe your creative work matters, or that anything matters. Sometimes we just don’t see the meaning in our work, or in our lives. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed by the work that’s required to do something right, or even just to share our […]

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Are You Prepared to Help?

It’s hard asking for help. It’s humbling admitting that we aren’t 100% self-sufficient at any given moment day or night. It’s another opportunity to compare ourselves to others, perhaps even denying someone else the help we could so easily give.

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Mirrors Cannot Lie, So We Twist Their Meaning to Fit Our Fears

As children we are taught to “play fair” because “fair is fair” and when something isn’t fair, whether it’s deliberately cruel or arbitrarily ruled, we learn to see that something as broken. Then, somehow the term “fairest of them all” starts getting tossed this way […]

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