Creativity is Adaptability is How We Deal With Fear

If you have ever had a daydream, or imagined how a conversation with someone you know might go, you have the power of imagination. If you imagine something, you invite its possibility into your thinking. That’s a window of opportunity for wonder and worry to get in your head, and you get to choose who climbs in the window.

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I’m Not the Only Goose in Town

I am not nor have I ever been a very big fan of Aesop. What I mean to say is that too many of our long-held misperceptions of various animals, and by extension our fellow man, are stupid-harmful. So many of his fables would progress […]

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Are You Prepared to Help?

It’s hard asking for help. It’s humbling admitting that we aren’t 100% self-sufficient at any given moment day or night. It’s another opportunity to compare ourselves to others, perhaps even denying someone else the help we could so easily give.

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