7 Reasons You Aren’t Living Your Fairy Tale & What To Do About It

So, you want the fairy tale without the lame-isms (outdated social values, usually ending with -ism). Fairy tale living, though, requires action and you have to decide what that action will be. Fun fact about decision-making: The Shivers may not affect every decision you make, but big Fat IMPORTANT decisions are their favorite opportunities.

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Forget ‘Happily Ever After’ & Get Happily Ever Out There

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ rags-to-riches story? Who doesn’t want all the annoyance, all the malarkey of everyday living to be waved away by a magical wand and replaced with the worry-free promise of living “happily ever after”? Who cares that concentrating on the end of the story is quite the disservice to the hero/heroine?

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Creativity is Adaptability is How We Deal With Fear

If you have ever had a daydream, or imagined how a conversation with someone you know might go, you have the power of imagination. If you imagine something, you invite its possibility into your thinking. That’s a window of opportunity for wonder and worry to get in your head, and you get to choose who climbs in the window.

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