Mirrors Cannot Lie, So We Twist Their Meaning to Fit Our Fears

As children we are taught to “play fair” because “fair is fair” and when something isn’t fair, whether it’s deliberately cruel or arbitrarily ruled, we learn to see that something as broken. Then, somehow the term “fairest of them all” starts getting tossed this way […]

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Do You Accept Donations?

Whenever something good happens to a person, we attribute it to either hard work or good fortune. When we perceive ourselves to be working in much the same fashion, not only do we focus our gaze more keenly upon their good fortune, but we also […]

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Some Heroes Leave Out The Best Part of Their Story

Every day thousands upon thousands of blogposts are written and read, many with the intention of inspiring people to be just a little less afraid, a little more creative, and a lot more … something. Figuring out what that something is can be infuriating as we […]

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