An Introduction

Hullo Dearie,

All storytelling creatures are welcome here. Particularly those willing to question the stories they were taught to tell themselves, and longing to be guided by their own inner compass. If you’re such a creature, I’d be happy to show you how to turn your daily drudgeries into questing.

Your life is not some long unchanging story. We are each of us — including you — a library filled with ever-growing fields of study and collections of stories. You have only to pick up whatsoever volume you wish and make it happen.

This isn’t about naively hoping that everything will turn out for the best, this is about knowing what’s best for you and letting yourself have it. This isn’t about striving after some fantasy that could never survive the real world, this is about knowing what’s probable and reaching for what’s possible. This isn’t about sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the very real issues at large, this is about taking a good long look at the way things are and charting a very real course to how you want them to be.

I’m Rose Jermusyk, and this is The Golden Goose Eggs. Ready to live happily ever out there?

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